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Tight Team Integration
What sets us apart is the way we work with clients. To deliver the best results we tightly integrate with management and development teams using existing communication channels and processes. As a result, working with us is effortless. You can count on our fast reaction times and be sure that we keep you up-to-date.
24/7 On-Call Duty
We use automated monitoring tools to accurately understand the state of your infrastructure at any time. Modern alerting technologies help us to react quickly to incidents that threaten the availability and quality of your product.
Architectural & Technical Consulting
To build a successful product you need to make correct decisions. We consult you on broad technological topics and guide you through strategic advice based on your specific situation.

What our customers say about us...

Red Lever Solutions offers us the professional operations we need for our service. They actively collaborate with our development team and live the DevOps culture to get the very best results.

Daniel Gorin — Alphary AG

For a long time we looked for a partner for competent consultation and implementation who does not trust in standard solutions. We have found this partner in Red Lever Solutions. Now we have got a very individual solution which also includes our legacy systems.

Hendrik Langner — Phase-6 GmbH

The Docker workshop was a perfect entry point to understand the potential of Docker and its ecosystem. Red Lever Solutions helps to fully leverage these technologies for development and production.

Our Team

We are a pragmatic team with more than 15 years of combined experience in IT operations and project managements.

Johann Füchsl

Johann Füchsl

Werner Schmid

Werner Schmid


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